Cherry Tomato: Nutrition & 10 Easy Recipe Ideas

The scarlet Lycopersicon esculentum that yous add collectively to nigh each salad has a extra contentious historical past than y"all might understand. This cute footling fruit has had a number of claimants along with has traveled the earth in its name for to be the salad topper. It"s a ground that options scientific attempt, enterprising entrepreneurs, and even a nation’s try to represent itself! Past the extent, it"s complete of dietary worth. Eaten each uncooked along with cooked, it"s bursting alongside flavour.

These tomatoes are scrumptious, sweeter than the frequent Roma tomatoes. They"re filled with nutritive worth, together with antioxidants like phenolic compounds along with carotenoids.

What"s a Cherry Tomato?

The ‘cherry-red’ within the crimson tomato plant is a reference for the scale of this fruit. They"re the smallest amidst dissimilar forms of tomatoes. Largely represent crimson in color, yous tin can moreover go yellowish, orangish, along with aureate reddish tomatoes. It has a candy concentrated season that"s scrumptious each cooked and uncooked. Apparently, the showtime cultivated tomatoes have been reddish-sized, although non as widespread inward function. The bigger tomatoes made their mark within the culinary world, quick changing into ane of the about in style fruits worldwide, oft mistaken each bit a vegetable. The ruby-sized model made its grade a lot afterwards inwards the storey.

Cherry tomatoes spilling out of a wicker basket

Add ruby tomatoes to salads or cook dinner them alongside your pasta or pith. Photograph Credit score: Shutterstock

H5N1 Contentious Historical past

The bigger tomatoes dominated grocery store aisles until even twenty years in the past, until all of the sudden, nosotros began seeing these completely cheerful smaller variations. What appeared unique seize with teeth-sized deal with was and so in style that it quickly grew to become a household unit staple throughout the Western globe. And therein lies the fascinating historical past of the blood-red tomatoes. The Smithsonian magazine termed its origin a ‘contentious’ historical past. Gastropod, a podcast on ‘science in addition to historical past’ of meals explored its ‘design’.

Its rattling origins settle for been a factor of debate. It starting appeared inward an encyclopedia published inwards 1623 named Pinax Theatri Botanici. Many describe its origins to South America the place tomatoes come up from. Since so at that place take been different claimants. The Santorini scarlet tomatoes or Tomataki santorinis was accorded a Protected Designation of Origin previous the EU, which makes them distinctive to the place, merely related champagne is to the French countryside of the identical refer.

However a extra critical declare was made previous Israel, which for a decade maintained that it had invented the cerise tomato. The truth is, at i point out it was linked to this fledgling nation’second self-ikon. The ‘invention’ of the tomato was meant to construct the nation’second identification too higher its icon worldwide, claimed an article inwards the magazine Gastronomica. Seems, that that is actually half-correct. Whereas they could not settle for invented it, the Israelis have been perform of the globalization along with advertising and marketing of the cherry-red tomato.

It was, after all, pure commerce that led to its recognition. Within the 1970s the British chain Marks & Spencer have been on the lookout for tomatoes that might be supermarket-aisle pleasant and but gustation skillful. They reached out to native growers too Israeli scientists for the nigh shelf-stable multifariousness. And voila, a star was born. It presently traveled throughout the pond along with grew to become simply each bit pop. The evolution of the cherry tomato does non end hither. Importantly, cultivators, farmers, too scientists are nonetheless working throughout the globe to refine this juicy piffling seize with enamel.


Cherry tomatoes are wealthy in nutritive worth. As per the USDA, 100 gm or half a loving cup of scarlet tomato (branded) in tomato puree accommodates :

  • Vitamin C: ix mg
  • Vitamin Influenza A virus subtype H5N1: 500 IU
  • Sugars: three g
  • Fiber: 2 g
  • Carbohydrate: 4 g
  • Protein i g
  • Power: 22 kcal

Cherry tomatoes are moreover wealthy inwards antioxidants, primarily carotenoids, phenolic compounds, ascorbic acid, along with alpha-tocopherol. To develop into its full advantages, e"er guarantee that the tomatoes are absolutely ripe. A report revealed inwards the Journal of Agriculture along with Meals Chemistry set up that these tomatoes confirmed the best diploma of carotenoids and antioxidant motion when harvested at full ripeness. Do model sure to keep away from the over-ripe ones although. The antioxidant exercise as effectively appears to considerably refuse in later phases of ripeness.

Recipe Concepts with Cherry Tomatoes

There"s extra to the cherry-red tomato plant than a salad. It"s scrumptious, whether or not cooked, roasted, grilled, or eaten uncooked. Listed here are however just a few concepts on what y"all could make amongst a bundle of those tomatoes:

Burst crimson tomatoes alongside pasta: Saute the tomatoes alongside a flake of garlic in olive oil until they flare-up too the juices mingle inwards a silky sauce. Serve amongst pasta and parmesan. You may swap it up with any noodles along with a touch of chili crude oil.

Traybake with hen/fish and basil: Preserve the tomatoes on the vine along with swimsuit on a baking can amongst basil, in addition to hen breasts or fish. Drizzle over roughly olive oil, add seasoning of your selection, too bake it inwards the oven. Dinner’s a matter of minutes!

Tomato tart: This can be a scrumptious tart bursting alongside taste. On a tart base of operations, add collectively inward ruby-red tomatoes tossed inwards olive crude, basil, along with mozzarella cheese. Embrace different-colored cerise tomatoes when you can observe them. That is greatest made when tomatoes are in flavour.

Pizza topping: Pile them on a pizza base of operations alongside alongside cheese too no matter different topping of your choice.

Seafood stew: Let the scarlet tomatoes simmer inwards a pot amongst seasoning too add collectively the seafood. There are infinite variations yous can get hither through the use of not like seasonings, from sambal to herbs related thyme.

Chickpea/lentil stew: We’ve been making chickpea or lentil stews alongside canned tomatoes. Now effort substituting half the sum alongside ruby tomatoes. These little jewels are bursting inwards taste when used inward dense stews.

Grilled shrimp: Grill the tomatoes together with shrimp along with different veggies of your choose. This elementary refreshing salad packs a punch.

Frittata: The proper supper, a frittata is a versatile dish that may take inwards no matter issue. Cherry tomatoes attain the omelet a juicy season that goes completely with a touch of pepper.

Charred reddish tomatoes alongside lamb chops: Preserve the tomatoes on the vine too grill them until the pare will get wrinkled too charred. Some would however graduation to flare-up. Toss them with a balsamic glaze too serve alongside juicy lamb chops.

Salads: Lastly, we come as much as the salads. Cherry tomatoes are good when utilized in salads as a result of they"re sweeter along with greater than flavorful than the larger variations. The dimensions of the tomato is just too good. Reduce inwards two, it makes for however the right-sized morsel. You tin can add collectively it to well-nigh by any means salad of your choice, whether or not it"s a certain salad, a Panzanella, Nicoise, or a Caprese.

Inform us the way you prefer to devour your ruby tomatoes, whether or not inwards a stew, amongst roast, in a salad, or solely equally they"re. Drop us a remark under along with proportion your recipe.